Springfield Lane and Trinity Way

Junction Improvements
Salford City Council
NEC4 Option B


The Springfield Lane and Trinity Way Junction Improvements scheme provides safer walking and cycling facilities through the introduction of a segregated cycle facility and upgrade of the existing traffic signal equipment.  The works included associated drainage, street lighting, kerb realignment, carriageway, and footway surfacing works.  Part of the Bee Network (a Mayor of Greater Manchester scheme to promote cycling and walking), the pedestrian facilities were in desperate need of improvement to serve the existing and growing cycling and walking demands as a result of developments on either side of the Inner Relief Road within this part of the city to enhance the connectivity.

The scheme complements the environmental improvements near Irwell Riverside and Greengate regeneration areas, hence supports the wider regeneration of central Salford City Centre and provides an attractive gateway into the wider city centre.

The scheme has employed a CYCLOPS design technique that is the creation of traffic signal-controlled junction that protects cyclists by providing an orbital cycle route that separates cyclists from general traffic.

The junction is on the very busy Manchester Inner Ring Road that encounters high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Traffic Management varied in accordance with events in Manchester and Salford – concerts at the Manchester Arena, Premier League Football Matches at the Etihad and Old Trafford.  We phased our construction works using off peak and night time to limit the impact to pedestrians, businesses and traffic.

The site was riddled with Utilities, both mapped and unmapped, with services often buried just below the footpaths’ surfaces requiring extensive use of vacuum excavation and hand digging.  The project was made more complex by two ongoing adjacent major developments, one encroaching into our defined working area.  This required continuous engagement to enable their site access and protect the respective workforces.

Stakeholder Management

To ensure that residents and businesses understood the scheme and its programme, consultation at pre-construction was undertaken and regular stakeholder meetings were held during the construction phase.

We carried out multiple letter drops and attended residents’ association meetings to provide regular updates particularly on access arrangements.

Social Value

Eric Wright Civil Engineering’s tender scored highest on the delivery of Social Value.  We delivered:

  • £416,125 spent with Salford based companies
  • A further £317,627 spent with Greater Manchester Companies
  • 12 hours delivering sessions in local schools
  • 12 hours delivering sessions to unemployed Greater Manchester residents with Manchester Adult Education
  • 19 hours volunteering and purchase of approximately £2k worth of materials to a local community garden
  • 4 weeks of work experience for a Salford University student
  • 12 hours EDI training for the project staff and workforce as it was a public facing project in a residential area.

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