Steelwork Arrives at Pooley Bridge

After being blasted and painted, the first 2 sections of steelwork have arrived on site at Pooley Bridge, with the remainder sections due to arrive in February 2020.

Prior to the 120 mile journey, the steelwork was carefully lifted on the on a huge 70ft loader and for safety, it was flanked by 2 escort vehicles.  On arrival at the site, it was met by a crane to offload the steel ready for the bridge sections being lifted into place ready for bolting and welding together.  This is a real milestone in the project to replace the original bridge, which was destroyed by Storm Desmond.

One of the largest cranes in Britain will be arriving on site to lift the main sections onto the revetment (sloping structures placed on river banks in such a way as to absorb the energy) and it is expected that many people will wish to see this stage of the scheme.  There will be a good view from local establishments, including cafes and bars, that are located alongside the river bank and remain open for business throughout the project.

A pedestrian bridge and road diversion will remain in place until the works have been fully completed to ensure that local residents are able to continue with their day-to-day activities.

Watch the transportation of the steelwork in this short video.

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