Eric Wright Civil Engineering start on site with north Northallerton link road and over bridge

On Monday 27th July, Eric Wright Civil Engineering (EWCE), part of the Eric Wright Group, commenced civil engineering works for the proposed new link road and over bridge at north Northallerton.  The works due to complete towards the end of 2021 are being carried out on behalf of Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes.

The new link road and overbridge will join the two new developments at Northallerton, which are currently separated by the Northallerton to Middlesbrough railway line and Brompton Beck.

The strategic road link has been designed in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges to accommodate all traffic and provide an attractive east-west route particularly for HGVs that currently have to travel to the town centre or use Friarage Street to travel between the A167 and A684 east of Northallerton.

This will negate the need for users to use Low Gates level crossing and pass through Northallerton town centre. The overbridge is proposed to span over the railway and Brompton Beck, with a view to allow sufficient headroom for future electrication of the line.

The infrastructure is to be constructed on predominantly greenfield agricultural land.

Cllr Peter Bardon, chairman of the planning committee, Hambleton Council said: “The road bridge is an important feature of the North Northallerton Development site and a key element of the infrastructure necessary to deliver the ambitions set out in the North Northallerton Masterplan.”

As the works progress, we will post updates both here on the company website and across all of our social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin so please keep in touch to see how the project is coming on.






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