Eric Wright Civil Engineering shortlisted for national award

Work undertaken by our Civil Engineering team to restore a former landfill site in Yorkshire with new areas of grazing land and public woodland has been shortlisted for a prestigious regional civil engineering award.

The Institution of Civil Engineers Yorkshire and Humberside (ICE) has announced that Sugden End Landfill Remediation Works for the City of Bradford MDC , with EWCE working with Wardell Armstrong Consulting Engineers, has been shortlisted for recognition in its 2021 in the Smeaton Award category. The award winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony on March 5.

Sugden End Landfill near Haworth and Keighley, has been transformed over the 35-week delivery programme and is now home to an oak upland woodland, moorland area, wildflower meadows, rock pile areas and additional agricultural grazing land.

Work on the 10-hectare site involved stripping temporary restoration subsoil materials then capping with a geo-synthetic clay liner.  New layers of soil and subsoils were then placed on the liner and the new landscape was contoured to the previous ground level removing depressions caused by previous landfill settlement.  Planting of a seed mix, moorland mix and trees and shrubs took place together with the restoration of stone walls, boundary walls and fencing and new drainage was constructed to ensure that leachate does not pollute watercourses.

Diane Bourne, Managing Director, Eric Wright Civil Engineering said: “We are delighted to be shortlisted for this award. We are incredibly proud of Sugden End Landfill Remediation Works, a project that was delivered five months ahead of our client’s expectations, despite dreadful weather and COVID-19 restrictions. It restores a landfill to publicly accessible beautiful moor and woodland in Bronteland.”

Sugden End was used as a landfill for 34 years, from 1964 to 1998, with household, industrial and commercial waste tipped within a former valley.

Click on the video (below) to see the project evolve ….

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