Colleagues Run the London Marathon for Charity

Well done to two of our colleagues, Chris and Nikita, who both took part in the London Marathon 2019, raising funds for charities close to their hearts.

Chris, a Mental Health First Aider for Eric Wright Group, exceeded his target of £2,500 and said “deciding on a charity was tough – there are so many deserving charities locally and nationally which are underfunded, people doing great work for people in need but on a shoestring budget.  In the end I chose  Mind.  Having suffered with my own mental health problems since becoming a father in 2016, I know full well how hard it can be to function day to day, and help isn’t always available at every turn, especially with the strain put on the NHS”.

Nikita, also exceeded her target by raising over £7,000.  Nikita held several fundraising events on the lead up to the Marathon, so these have been included in the total.  Her chosen charity is Muscular Dystrophy UK and said “I have set myself a huge challenge of running in the 2019 London Marathon for the charity and want to smash this target, not only in memory of my mum, but for my sister and all other suffers of Muscular Dystrophy.  It really does help and this charity needs the support so that a cure can be found for all types of Muscular Dystrophy”.

Both Chris and Nikita finished the race in good times and should be proud of their well-deserved medals.

The Eric Wright Charitable Trust will be match funding donations in accordance with their guidelines.


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