Wharfside Way MUFC

New access road and improvements to stadium car park
Manchester United Ltd
JCT 2011 Intermediate Building Contract (IC)


Eric Wright Civil Engineering acted as Principal Contractor on this project to create a new access road to the stadium carpark and changes to the central reservation on Wharfside Way.

The works involved the construction of a new entrance into the east car park, alterations to the existing central reservation and widening of the existing dual carriageway, including the installation of new drains and manholes for the new entrance, the installation of new security bollards across the new entrance and new kerbing and ducting.

Significant activities:-

  • Traffic Management for Wharfside Way lane closure
  • Removal of existing fencing
  • Removal of vegetation to Wharfside Way embankment
  • Excavation of embankment
  • Form new access road
  • Installation of new gates and fencing
  • Installation of new bollards
  • Re-surface and make good tarmac to new kerblines
  • High quality landscaping to entrance ramp and verges

Key Challenges

Originally the works had been programmed to take place outside of the football season, however due to Client delays, this changed post contract award and EWCE had to re-work the programme to allow for football fixtures and other events being held at the stadium, at both weekends and midweek.  This meant our team had to close the site the day before any fixture or event to allow unhindered access for event support services, the media and the like. The effect of this was to add 4 weeks to the original 11-week programme.

After the trees/vegetation and existing fencing was removed from the batter, the site was left exposed.  There was no official footpath along Wharfside Way and we found that members of the public were walking along the road. Traffic management had been set up to include a single lane closure and people were now using this as a walkway.  To address this, further heras fencing and water-filled barriers were put in place to prevent them from entering the site.

Maintaining the site perimeter on match and event days to keep members of the public from walking across the site.

Added Value

The team developed a robust sequencing and delivery programme, agreeing all deliveries in advance, avoiding peak hours and the impedance of pedestrian and vehicular access to the businesses of the area. Through collaborative planning with the Client and subcontractors, we managed a programme betterment, completing the works in 13-weeks instead of the programmed 15-weeks, which created a cost saving for the client.

The project was delivered to the client without defects.

Client Feedback

“Excellent, very professional. Resolved problems before they became issues.”
Alan Hardman
Project Manager, Manchester United Football Club
Civil Engineering / Transport Infrastructure
Civil Engineering / Transport Infrastructure
Civil Engineering / Public Realm
Civil Engineering / Transport Infrastructure

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