Weardale Railway

Maintenance Works
Weardale Railway Ltd
Bishop Auckland
NEC3 ECC Option A


The Weardale Railway is an independently owned single track, 18 mile heritage line connecting with the main rail network at Bishop Auckland, running to Eastgate in Weardale, County Durham, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The project consisted of repairs to 12 existing structures including bridges and scour protection works.  The works were undertaken under LLFA maintenance consent and EA bespoke permits.

The scope of work comprised various concrete, stone and brickwork repairs, spalling repairs, isolated metalwork painting and scour protection.

Located largely in remote rural locations, the structures were:

  • Etherley Viaduct
  • Bradley Beck
  • Wolsingham Viaduct
  • Ashes Beck Bridge
  • Holebeck Bridge
  • Bolihope Barn Bridge
  • Engineman’s Cottage
  • Broadwood Bridge
  • Kierlder
  • Cow Burn Bridge
  • Parson Byers Culvert
  • Stanhope East

Added Value

Skilled rope access operatives were used to access difficult and remote areas, mitigating the use of expensive scaffolding and MEWPS.

Existing stonework was retrieved and re-used where possible.

Biodegradable and water-soluble lined concrete bags were used to scour holes, spalled concreate etc.  The liners biodegrade along with the hessian bags leaving just the concrete block so that no waste is placed into the watercourse.   Along with the environmental benefits, they are a durable, cost effective, time saving solution.

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