Multi-Ply Industrial Units, Blackpool

New commercial building at Blackpool’s Enterprise Zone
Recom Solutions/ Multi-Ply
40,000 sq ft
Cassidy & Ashton


The scheme is a new 40,000 sq ft commercial building at Blackpool’s Enterprise Zone which will be the new headquarters for specialist carbon fibre components maker, Multi-ply.

A B2 industrial unit, including ancillary office and storage provision, alongside associated parking, a substation, switch room, gas meter, refuse area, a new vehicle access, servicing area, boundary treatment and hard and soft landscaping works all for Blackpool Council.

Multi-ply will relocate 70 staff from three existing sites to the purpose-built commercial building, which they will occupy on a 25-year lease. The new premises will enable Multi-ply to drive forward its ambitious expansion plans, expecting to initially create 16 new jobs with up to 100 further staff appointments over the next five years.

Key Challenges

There was a layer of peat on site which meant that the site had perched water. In order to maintain the programme, EWC procured a dewatering subcontractor that essentially put a ring around the site which allowed the ground works to continue without the issue of the water table.

The works were in close proximity to Blackpool Airport so liaison with Air Traffic Control was crucial to ensure that none of the works impacted the safe running of the airport. The airport had to be advised of all activities involving works at high level such as piling rigs, cranes etc.

The works were also in close proximity to live services therefore substantial investigative works and surveys were carried out during the pre-construction phase to ensure that all live services crossing the site were identified and clarification that all services identified as redundant were identified correctly.

The Multi-ply project was constructed throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic, so the site team collaborated with the client and supply chain to come up with safe working practices to allow the works to continue. The scheme was handed over as per the agreed programme.

Added Value

The scheme achieved a BREEAM rating of very good. The EWC negotiated another scheme with the client on the back of this project due to the great collaborative working relationship.

The site team were focused on supporting the local community by maintaining a high level of local employment, especially in the deprived area of Blackpool. Goodwill works such as litter picking and letter drops were undertaken.

In line with Eric Wright’s environmental focus, active steps were taken to make a positive contribution to the natural environment with the landscaping, including wildlife friendly shrubs plus planting 30 trees and 4 vertebrae hotels.  Plastic/cardboard packaging was sent for recycling.

“This is a flagship for the enterprise zone it sets a new standard for quality of development and the nature of businesses we are trying to establish here. It is hi-tech company grown form local roots which is going to expand here.”
Rob Green
Head of the Enterprise Zone for Blackpool Council

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