Bradford Living Street Connect2

Road and Bridge works to replace an existing footbridge over Manchester Road (A641)
City of Bradford MDC
NEC3 Option B


The scheme principally involved the construction of a new pedestrian footbridge, replacing an existing footbridge which was at the end of its life.

The scheme provided improved connections in a network of pedestrian and cycle routes on either side of Manchester Road, a busy dual carriageway near Bradford city centre, with a direct link between a school, park, and guided busway station, without pedestrians having to come into proximity of vehicular traffic.

The new bridge provides better gradients of the approach ramps which are DDA compliant, higher parapets and better connectivity to existing routes and local facilities.

Associated with the bridge works were significant improvements to surrounding public realm areas using high specification paving, extensive soft landscaping and new Sustainable Srban Drainage Systems.

Key Challenges

Demolition of the existing bridge under a full weekend closure of the key A641 into Bradford City Centre, ensuring the road was open to traffic by Monday morning.

The new piled bridge piers were all constructed in and around the busy local highway network and public realm areas, around extensive existing services, using restricted access piling rigs, which all had to be pre-planned and phased in order to minimise disruption to the public.

Due to the continually changing shape of the bridge nearly every section was unique.

These were all individually fabricated and labelled to allow their seamless installation over a further weekend closure of the busy A641.

Added Value

EWCE liaised closely with the local community and Council both in the pre planning stages and throughout the works to ensure road closures and heavy civil engineering works were undertaken in a manner that minimised disruption.

EWCE held a workshop and presentation at the local school to further foster engagement with the local community and were involved in the opening ceremony attended by hundreds of locals and cycling enthusiasts.

Client Feedback

“The bridge is critical to the whole scheme, it is absolutely essential. We want children to be able to access the park and not be stopped in getting places by this road. It is about reconnecting two sides of the city. By doing these sorts of things we can help with the regeneration of Bradford.”
Claire Wright
Connect2 Coordinator

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