Charitable Trust

Eric Wright formed the Trust in 1986 to assist causes that encourage the education and development of young people. Today The Eric Wright Trust priorities for giving are directed at disadvantaged minorities, especially underprivileged youth.


The shareholding in the Eric Wright Group is presently owned 100% by the Eric Wright Trust, a charitable body.

As evidence of its commitment to its charitable aims, the Trust owns and operates an outdoor adventure centre in Cumbria, Water Park Lakeland Adventure Centre, that provides subsidised facilities for the young and disadvantaged.

The Eric Wright Charitable Trust has also supported the setting up of a vocational learning centre at Preston's College named the Eric Wright Learning Foundation.

The Group's fundamental philosophy is to operate a property and construction business providing secure long-term job opportunities for its staff, and to establish durable relationships with clients, suppliers and sub-contractors whilst returning a portion of its profits to the community by way of support for local charities and deserving causes.

The purpose of the Charitable Trust is twofold:

  • to enable a proportion of the benefit derived from its commercial activities to be reinvested in the community, with particular emphasis upon the physical and social well being of the young and underprivileged
  • by avoiding any future personal shareholdings, to ensure that the Eric Wright Group remains a private company and its corporate strategy is therefore freed from the short term attitudes created by public flotations and the volatility both in personnel and finances which this inevitably brings