Charitable Trust

Eric Wright formed the charitable trust in 1990 in order to help causes that encourage the education and development of young people.  Although the Trust has expanded its range of activities since that date, the original philosophy of reinvesting in the community within which it works remains at the heart of the Group's activities.


The Eric Wright Charitable Trust was set up in 1990 with the aim of creating a stable, long term partnership between the commercial activities of the Group and its wider charitable aspirations through the Trust.  Originally vested with 49% of the shareholding, the Trust is now the sole owner following the gift of his remaining shares by Mr Wright.

Benefitting from the commercial success of the Group, this single ownership model will enable the Trust to develop its range of charitable activities within the local community, whilst at the same time providing stability for the Group by freeing it from the short term perspective of institutional shareholders.

In addition to its growing involvement with local charities, the Trust is also directly involved in two of its own:


  • Water Park Lakeland Adventure Centre: based at Coniston, the centre provides outdoor adventure facilities, working particularly with socially and physically disadvantaged groups
  • Eric Wright Learning Foundation: working with Preston's College, the Foundation helps to provide vocational learning as part of the College's overall curriculum


Whilst many commercial organisations donate a proportion of their profits to charitable causes, the ownership of the Eric Wright Group by the Trust has created a unique long term partnership between the commercial and charitable arms that enables the entire organisation to function as a social enterprise.